Everything has a purpose, even motors.....

Assun designs and manufactures DC driving systems that are efficient and operate smoothly with low inertia and high precision. With their compact design and outstanding performance, they are used in a multitude of robotic applications.

They are highly suitable for being core driving components in various types of robotic applications and enable the entire system to be highly controllable and managed.


Assun Motor creates DC motors that are low in vibration. They are designed to be reliable, precise & smooth while having a long lifespan.

The motors' compressed profile and exceptional performance make them applicable for medical engineering systems, including medical pumps, diagnostic equipment, biosensors as well as surgical devices.


With high efficiency and precise motion control, DC motors from Assun are perfect for driving industrial automation systems.

The precise driving systems are suitable for supporting semiconductor manufacturing, packaging system automation and and other smart production solutions.


Assun driving systems are designed for precision, reliability and efficiency. Our coreless systems allow for compact designs and low electricity consumption.

They are free of magnetic cogging torque and have minimal electrical noise, making them well-suited for communication applications such as broadcasting and optical equipment.


The field of precision engineering demands the highest degree of motion control with zero tolerance with regards to positioning errors.

Assun driving systems are designed for maximum accuracy and control, enabling the usage of high precision actuators which support performance critical industries such as the aerospace and microengineering sectors.


Assun motion systems are made to be extremely reliable and durable enough to withstand even the roughest environments.

They are ideal for security surveillance, industrial environment monitoring and other imaging applications.

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