Servo Motor


Small DC Servo Motors

are rotary or linear actuators that allow for precise control of position, high speed, and acceleration. They operate in a closed-loop system to adjust the final position of the shaft.

Assun's servos are energy-efficient, accurate, and supportive of various communication protocols that are defined based on our clients' needs. Our small DC servos can be used in an expansive scope of applications ranging from robotics to critical engineering.

Company Name Abbreviation
Servo Motor Type
PI Controller Integrated Servo Motor
PC Controller Integrated + CAN Communication Servo Motor
PP Controller Integrated + Profibus Communication Servo Motor
PE Controller Integrated + EtherCAT Communication Servo Motor
Motor Dimension
20 Diameter (mm)    
52 Length (mm)
Number of Pole Pairs
A 1 Pole Pair
B 2 Pole Pairs
C 3 Pole Pairs
D 4 Pole Pairs


Temprerature Level
N 85℃
E 120℃
F 155℃
H 180℃
Nominal Voltage & Rated Speed
24 Nominal Voltage (V)    
12 Rated Speed (×1000rpm)

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