Servo Controller


DC Servo Controller

is used in the motor driving system for speed, position, and torque control. Assun's DC Servo Controllers are compliant with various communication protocols. They are highly versatile and user-friendly, making them apt for processes that require intricate trajectories and rapid, accurate deceleration. Our proprietary interface makes it easy to control and manage specific parameters.

Company Name Abbreviation
Controller Type
CD Speed Driver
SO Servo Controller


Communciation Protocols
A CAN Bus Control ((RS422, RS485, CAN, USB Commissioning)

Traditional Control (Direction+pulse, AB Pulse, Analogue Input Control, USB Commissioning)


EtherCat Bus Control (Include USB Commissioning)


No Communication


RS 485 Communication
Current Level
15 Rated Current (A)
30 Maximum Current (A)


Voltage Level
L 5V-24V
M 9V-70V
N 12V-48V


Feedback Type

Feedback support: Incremental encoder (differential or single end), SSI absolute encoder, RS 485 absolute encoder, Hall Sensor

Operation Temperature
A -40℃ - 85℃
B -40℃ - 105℃
C -40℃ - 125℃
S Standard Installation

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